Gailforce Ventures Inc./Ltd,


Gailforce Ventures offers the following services to your company:

Development of an export and investment strategy on a national, regional or sector basis:

Export and investment strategies are usually dependent upon your firm's available resources and financial means.  The opportunities for financial assistance or otherwise in your target country should not be ignored.  These may be special incentives to create jobs and to stimulate investment in-country.  Gailforce Ventures can advise you on the availability of financial support, and assist you in the bidding process and your negotiations with banks and private equity or venture capital companies.

Your product fit with new markets:

In North America and in Europe we have many year's experience developing market opportunities for exporters.  We understand the way into domestic markets.  We are able, therefore, to advise you on the most appropriate approach to your target market.  This may include a local partner in-country or even a manufacturing partner.

Partner search:

For many businesses the most common difficulty they face is to locate a distributor, the financing or in-country partner.  We can undertake a due diligence service to establish the financial and market strength of your potential partner.  This service depends upon your firm's requirements including defining your export objectives, your export development budget and your past experience.

PR and Business networking:

For the exporter wishing to penetrate the North American or European markets, communicating your business offer will depend heavily upon how to maximize your image and profile overseas.  To promote our client's products or services we can offer a number of business communication services -

Specific sector strategies:

Successful exports depend on the appropriateness of a company's product.  Often the product must be adapted to meet the requirements and standards of the particular export market.  Internationally, Environmental, Health & Safety legislation sets the standard for a product's entry to the marketplace.  Gailforce Ventures can assist you to identify local partners to help you with any necessary adaptations to your product.

Merger, Acquisitions and Divesture:

Gailforce Ventures has provided major assistance to investors and private companies with merger, acquisitions and divestitures.  By leveraging almost 20 years of experience in this discipline, we can deliver quickly, effectively and on target.

Public sector contracts and tenders:

Gailforce Ventures can assist you in negotiations with government authorities and agencies at the national and regional level to meet public sector tender requirements and contracting processes.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) / Private Finance Initiative (PFIs):

PPPs or PFIs are becoming more frequent ways of financing Government contracts in health, defense, education and transport.  Gailforce Ventures can help you through the process of assembling a strategy to penetrate this specialist sector.