Gailforce Ventures Inc./Ltd,

Who We Are

Gailforce Ventures has significant experience in those service areas which can help you to accelerate your access to new markets.  This includes practical matters such as setting up a subsidiary company in-country, short-, medium-, and long-term finance, accounting services, banking, due diligence matters, insurance coverage and domestic legal procedures and documents.

The Gailforce Ventures team consists of highly experienced professional managers with specialist skills in finance, export market development, sales development, joint ventures and public sector contracts. We will provide clients with acceleration in the successful completion of their business plans.

Gailforce Ventures can provide the expertise to accelerate client growth while allowing them to forgo the time, cost and risk of building these resources internally.


Robert G.B. Swayne based in Ottawa, Canada

Rob Swayne is an experienced professional having handled a wide range of financial, operational and administrative responsibilities in a variety of environments.  He possesses strong management skills along with excellent negotiating abilities and a proven record of successfully selling and marketing ideas and concepts.  His education experience includes obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

Mike Biggins based in Leeds, UK

Mike Biggins has senior management and project management experience in the private and public sectors.  His primary skills are in the consultancy fields of SME development, international trade development, joint venture development, inward investment, training, strategic planning and finance raising for business-support organizations and SMEs.  He obtained a Bachelors degree in Economics and Languages.

Gailforce Ventures has helped clients from a variety of industries by providing immediate expert resources that can help clients capture key customers, develop and launch new product offers, expand into new markets, and source financing.  This is simply a lower-risk and more cost effective strategy rather than trying to recruit and hire additional experienced leadership and staff.

In servicing their clients, the Gailforce Ventures team provides effective leadership, making consistently sound judgments under pressured conditions while developing unique solutions for difficult problems.  Gailforce Ventures has actively participated in transactions totaling over $150 million.

A listing of our clients is available upon request on a confidential basis.